Paparella has been producing media for individuals and multinational companies since 2003. Founder and Creative Director Nina Duncan is a professional photographer whose work has appeared in international publications including, most notably, her intimate photographs of the HM Queen Elizabeth II published in The Sunday Times.

Nina developed her style in part, at the International Centre for Photography in NYC, whilst working for Art + Commerce alongside Annie Leibowitz, Mary Ellen Mark, Steven Meisel and others. She later traveled the world assisting acclaimed photographers, including Miles Aldridge, Alexi Lubomirski and Russell Sadur, on fashion, lifestyle and still-life sets. Those experiences set the benchmark for Paparella’s productions.

Nina is an empathic storyteller, inspired by people’s true stories and passions. Paparella was her Nonna's nickname for her as a little girl. It literally translates as ‘Little Duck’ but for Nina, the word means far more than that. It reminds her of Nonna's bedtime stories that captured her imagination and allowed her to picture her Grandmother’s life, family, loves and losses almost as if she were there. Nonna also took the most precious photographs and movie footage capturing not only snapshots but the important “little things” like baking bread and bottling wine; those small details that make stories come to life. 

It is this intimate feeling Nina captures with her camera and orchestrates as Creative Director. Nonna’s stories and images inspire her to focus the camera on the important moments in life that make our heart swell and race. We make sure your story reaches the hearts and minds of your audience.